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What is CBD?

“CBD,” short for cannabidiol, is a compound produced in the glands of hemp plants and found concentrated in their resinous oils. It is just one of many phyto-cannabinoids that make this plant so powerful and effective. CBD is non-psychoactive unlike its sister cannabinoid THC and does not appear to alter consciousness or trigger a “high.” Over the last few years, given its national legalization, HEMP CBD has gained popularity as a natural alternative to traditional treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions


The short answer is, YES! CBD (cannabidiol) is now legal in the United States. And you can rest assured knowing the CBD infused into Surya Care products is lab-tested to ensure top quality and consumer safety. AS LONG AS THE CBD PRODUCTS YOU BUY CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.3% THC, THEY ARE LEGAL ACCORDING TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. However, until there are clear national standards put forth by both the FDA and the USDA, each state is still deciding and implementing their own.

(*This is NOT legal advice. Check local and state laws to ensure you are in compliance.*)

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Yes. Technically, CBD is legal in every state. However, both the USDA and the FDA (the national bodies that regulate hemp farming and hemp products) have yet to release final rules that make it clear how hemp and CBD companies should be operating now that the actual agricultural commodity, hemp, has been legalized. In some states, there is more lenient legislation (like Oregon) while in others it is highly restricted (like Idaho). 

The truth is that, as an industry and as consumers, we need those rules and regulations from the USDA and the FDA on paper so we can clarify the confusion. In some states there is still debate regarding smokable hemp. Yet in a recent Indiana case, a federal judge ruled that due to the recent federal legalization of hemp it was not within the state’s rights to ban one form of hemp over another

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This is a quote from the World Health Organization(WHO):

“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

Please keep in mind that each individual is unique and has their own constitutional make-up.  It is wise and good healthy practice to:

1.) Consult your doctor if necessary before taking a medicine.
2.) Start with small doses and see how your body responds to a new medicine. 
3.) please be responsible and have your goal be set for balance.


The word cannabinoid refers to a chemical substance that joins the cannabinoid receptors of the body and brain. The most well known and common cannabinoids are produced by the hemp and cannabis plants although a few other species of plants produce them as well (they are also referred to as phyto-cannabinoids).

 As of today, one hundred thirteen cannabinoids have been discovered in the hemp and cannabis plants. The most well known, studied, tested and used are CBD and THC. Currently, CBG , CBN, CBC, and THCv are being further studied and more well-known  for the powerful benefits they offer as well.


The endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system composed of endo-cannabinoids which are neuro-transmitters that bind to receptor sites found throughout our body. It is a chemical signaling system found in all mammals. This system was discovered three decades ago through receptor site research. Among many other purposes, it was found that the MAIN GOAL of the ECS is to keep the body’s balance of homeostasisalways maintaining a stable internal environment despite the fluctuations in our external world.

It is truly remarkable that hemp and cannabis produce phyto-cannabinoids that directly respond to, support and boost the endo-cannabinoids that are being produced by our own bodies when we are out of balance and need assistance.


Even though the potency test results for any product could say “<LOQ”, meaning undetectable amounts of THC, this does not guarantee there is actually 0% THC in there. 

A drug screening done after consuming a “0% THC” product could still detect nanograms of THC in your bloodstream since those tests are performed on much more precise equipment than the cannabis industry uses. Depending on your state or your job, this is something to consider if you are consuming CBD products.

While Surya products test below the Federal legal limit of THC which is a dry-weight concentration of 0.3%, they do contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Oftentimes, this means there is a slight amount of THC left in them, hence the term, “full-spectrum”. However, as our TOPICAL products are not able to be absorbed into your bloodstream, we feel comfortable that using these as directed would not result in a failed drug test.

(*This is not legal advice. Check local and state laws as well as employer rules and regulations to ensure you are in compliance.*) 

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Our Commitment To Transparency

As more CBD education & information continues to be released and discovered, we will always strive to update and inform you of all current scientific and health related information that comes out.

We at Surya Care care about your individual needs, questions, and experience. Please feel free to write to [email protected] or call (541) 708-2036 and our experienced staff will be happy to accommodate you to the best of their ability.