Who We Are

At Surya Care, we are a team of dedicated farmers, permaculture designers, experienced herbalists & alchemists, skilled lab technicians, top-notch graphic designers, marketing experts, and friendly & knowledgeable sales people. We are a closed-loop system in which our company is seed-to-product; meaning we grow and harvest our own seeds and cultivate our own farms in the pristine farmlands of Southern Oregon, known for it’s incredibly rich soil and clean water. Our harvested hemp is then taken to our own lab and processed into our triple-extracted, and further refined, full-spectrum distillate by our own skilled lab technicians. From there our distillate is taken steps further to carefully create our line of alchemically blended products by our experienced herbalists & alchemists. 

We have coined the term Sun To Soul, because the healing energy of our products truly comes from the source of all life on planet earth, Surya – The Sun. We can take them internally or apply topically to heal and nurture our body, mind, and Soul. 

At Surya we care about the Earth, We care about the People, and we care about giving back to the planet. These are the ethics of permaculture. We strive to be regenerative in our practices and help people find ease so that they can live their best life, and not waste one precious moment in pain.

May You Find Ease – The Surya Team